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Digital Terrestrial Line Amplifier
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Digital Terrestrial In-Line Amplifier, operates on 5V DC supplied by a UHF Digital Terrestrial Receiver or external power injector. To operate correctly, the 5V (Antenna Power) setting must be turned on in the receivers menu*.

Suitable for boosting Freeview UHF signal that is slightly too low, recommended if your cable between your aerial and receiver exceeds 20m.

It is important to note this amplifier can only amplify existing signal. If you have no signal or extremely weak signal, an amplifier can not help you. Sufficient signal may require a more suitably sized aerial or an improved aerial installation, attainable signal levels will be dependent on your location.

This Digital Terrestrial In-Line Amplifier does not have a weatherproof cover, so it must be protected and mounted out of the weather.

*Not all Freeview receivers support Antenna Power.

NOTE: This Digital Terrestrial In-Line Amplifier is NOT suitable for amplifying Satellite signal, amplifying Satellite signal requires the correct Satellite Amplifier.

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